A Thematic Atlas of Nature’s Benefits to Dar es Salaam

Critical reasons for greening the city and for keeping urban and peri-urban ecosystems intact

Dar es Salaam (DSM) is one of the fast growing metropoles in the world. The population, located across five municipalities – Kinondoni, Ilala, Ubungo, Temeke and Kigamboni – is estimated to grow by about 1000 inhabitants per day. The metropolitan region currently has approximately 6 million residents and this number is expected to rise to over 10 million by 2030. How can all citizens of Dar es Salaam live in a safe environment, enjoy a good quality of life and make a sustainable living?

This Atlas shows how and where DSM depends on nature. The maps provide an overview of what is at stake if DSM continues in a ‘business as usual’ trajectory. Each chapter describes one area where action is needed, explains why, and makes suggestions about what can be done.

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