INTERACT-Bio will improve the utilization and management of nature within fast-growing cities and the regions surrounding them. It provides expanding urban communities in the Global South with nature-based solutions and associated long-term benefits.

The project enables governments at all levels – from local to national – to integrate their efforts for mainstreaming biodiversity and ecosystem services into core subnational government functions such as spatial planning, land-use management, local economic development and infrastructure design.


INTERACT-Bio aims to:

  • Connect: national and subnational government decision-makers to work together towards integrating biodiversity considerations into city-region planning and decisions.

  • Strengthen: the capacity of city-regions to integrate biodiversity and nature-based solutions into land use, infrastructure and development planning, and to develop supporting policy instruments.

  • Mainstream: biodiversity considerations across sectors at the subnational and national level.


In doing so, INTERACT-Bio will:

  • Promote: Nature-based solutions as economically sound and sustainable investment options.

  • Demonstrate: The effectiveness of nature-based city-region development through pilot projects.