Investing in Urban Nature: A Toolkit for Cities – A Global South Perspective

As our understanding of biodiversity finances grows, the need to identify innovative mechanisms to finance the maintenance, recovery, conservation and protection of nature and biodiversity is critical. Various tools have been developed to help us identify innovative mechanisms to unlock financing for biodiversity. This Investment Case Toolkit, developed as part of the INTERACT-Bio project, is one such tool.


It illustrates approaches through which financial resources can be mobilised, thereby decreasing the pressure on domestic budgets. The toolkit was designed with fast-growing and developing economies in mind, as these are the places where wild nature and biodiversity are often intact and most at threat.


It provides a guide and inspiration for city and regional governments in the global south to build an investment case that can be used to peak interest and attract financial resources to protect, conserve and manage biodiversity. Unlocking financial resources is critical in order to secure nature’s benefits to society and to support nature’s contribution to the growth and advancement of urban economies.