Local Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Kochi Municipal Corporation

Kochi is the first city in India to have developed a scientifically informed and participatory Local Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan. The LBSAP of Kochi sets out a framework and a plan of action for conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity and equitable sharing of benefits derived from this use. It provides an overview of key issues, constraints and opportunities, identified during the extensive consultation meetings carried out with various stakeholders in the city.

The city has defined its LBSAP vision as ‘conserve its biodiversity, maintain the uninterrupted flow of ecosystem services, and ensure sustainable, safe and climate resilient development by managing its mosaic of ecosystems through a participatory planning approach’. The city has also identified nine focus areas (Agriculture, Air, Avenue Trees, Green and Open spaces, Inland water bodies (Canals, Rivers and Ponds), Islands, Lakes (Vembanad lake), Marshes and Mangroves, Seashore and Sandbars). This LBSAP suggests appropriate actions, comprising of both soft and hard measures to address issues faced in each of these focus areas.

The Local Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (LBSAP) for the City of Kochi articulates through the method by which to implement the vision, strategic objectives and actions necessary for conservation and protection of biodiversity in the city. This LBSAP is based on the inputs received during multiple consultation meetings at the city and ward levels and discussions with councillors of the Municipal Corporation, and subject matter experts.

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