Trees of Subhash Bose Park - Kochi, Kerala

A handbook

Spread over an area of 11.5 acres, the Subhash Chandra Bose Park
or Subhash Park, as it is popularly known, is owned and maintained
by the Kochi Municipal Corporation. Situated at Park Avenue, facing the harbor and backwaters Subhash Park is one of the most valuable public spaces in the city of Kochi. The park is a popular destination among the tourists as well as the residents of Kochi. Like other green spaces in cities, Subhash Park also provides a multitude of ecosystem services which together help to improve the quality of urban life in Kochi.

The Park is also rich in biodiversity, which is exemplified from the fact that it has more than 50 species of trees. The Park is also rich in herb and shrub diversity. The rich floral diversity in the Park ensures a rich insect and avifaunal diversity as well.

This handbook is an attempt to familiarize the visitors with the tree diversity of the Park. Apart from photographs and details about the trees, the handbook also includes maps which detail the tree distribution, family wise distribution of the trees, tree distribution based on place of origin, along with a map of the features in the Park.