About Campinas, Brazil

Campinas is the model city of INTERACT-Bio in Brazil, located in the southeast of the country, at the State of São Paulo. One of the fastest growing urban centers of the region, the municipality has been engaged on developing and forecasting nature as part of local public policies in an innovative effort to mainstream biodiversity at the regional scale through the RECONECTA-RMC project. Along with INTERACT-Bio, this effort has successfully submitted the inclusion of the Connectivity Area for Campinas as a proposal for a regional land use regulation document elaborated in a participatory process with the 23 municipalities that are part of the Metropolitan Region. Currently, an LBSAP is under development in order to ensure the implementation of this proposal focusing on five main topics: Urban Forestry, Ecological corridors, Regional Wildlife, Linear Parks and Communication.

Local Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for the City of Campinas

This document consists of the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Connectivity Area of ​​the Metropolitan Region of Campinas (AC-RMC). Currently, the Connectivity Area (CA) presents itself as a strategic area to promote initiatives for the conservation of biodiversity, maintenance of ecological processes, provision of services ecosystems and landscape recovery, in an integrated manner at the regional level. The methodology presented in this document aims to guide municipalities to implement ambitious actions.
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