About Kochi, India

Located in the southwest, Kochi is home to a mangrove bird sanctuary. Vembanad Lake, the largest Ramsar wetland in South India can also be found nearby. These biodiversity sites face challenges from rapid urbanization and unplanned growth, clogging and blocking of natural canals due to waste and a lack of coordination in tackling these serious problems.

Kochi inaugurates new pollinator and herbal garden in the heart of the city

Pollinators help to improve food production and support food security. The pollinator garden at Subhash Park will provide a suitable food base for the native butterfly and moth species, which will help to enhance their population and support food production within the city. The Kochi City Corporation is focused on increasing native biodiversity and communicating the importance of this biodiversity to residents in order to ensure long term conservation efforts. This was a key motivator for the city in the conceptualization of these two gardens which not only improve the native biodiversity of the city, but also serve as a demonstration site for nature education.
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